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Elevate your business’s professional presence instantly with East County Business Center’s prestigious Virtual Business Address. Streamline your marketing and mailing effortlessly with our easy-to-set-up Virtual Business Mailbox service. Join a thriving community of businesses, both local and international, who have chosen our trusted, top-tier business solutions.






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We Process Mail From All of the Major Carriers.

How It Works: 

Your mail is delivered to your virtual business address at our facility.

Your virtual business address is:

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270 East Douglas Ave Suite 200
El Cajon, CA 92020
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Your mail is delivered and sorted at our office location.

The front of each envelope or document you receive is then scanned and sent to your email address. You then choose which envelopes you would like opened and scanned.

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At the end of each month, we send you all your mail to the address you specify.

What is a Virtual Address?

A Virtual Business Address is a Business Address at a physical location that you can use as your business address. Our office building is a genuine brick-and-mortar building situated in the bustling city of El Cajon, Ca. Local, State, National, and International companies have their Business Address at The East County Business Center.

Enhanced Business Credibility: Instead of showing a residential or PO box address, your business will be associated with a professional office building. This visibility adds a layer of stability and credibility, particularly beneficial for small businesses.

Convenience and Cost Savings: Avoid the need to drive to a PO box or other location to pick up your mail saving both time and fuel expenses. Our virtual mailbox service eliminates the hassle of regular trips to check your mail.

Receiving Mail and Packages: Our EastCountyBiz Virtual Business Address is a real street address. You can direct all your postal mail and packages, including those from major carriers like UPS, FedEx, and DHL, to this address for ease and efficiency. When your package arrives, a staff member will sign for your package and notify you that it has arrived. You may then pick up your package when it is convenient for you.

Advantages of a Virtual Business Address at The East County Business Center

Convenient Mail Access: Enjoy the comfort of receiving your mail directly in your email inbox, eliminating the need to drive to a post office or other location for mail collection.

  • Travel with Peace of Mind: When you’re traveling or out of town, rest assured that you won’t miss any important letters, documents, or packages.
  • Separate Business and Personal Address: Maintain your privacy by not using your home address for business correspondence.
  • Establish a California Business Presence: Even if your business operates out of state or internationally, you can easily establish a California business location without physically being there.
  • Revolutionize Mail Management: Experience a new way of receiving and managing your mail, with the convenience and efficiency of a Virtual Business Address.
  • Real Street Address with Personalized Service: Benefit from a physical business address with dedicated staff to receive, store, and handle your mail.
  • Stay Connected Everywhere: Whether you’re at your home office, on the road, or traveling across the globe, stay connected to your mail effortlessly.
  • Enhanced Security and Time-Saving: Avoid traffic hassles and the risk of package theft. With a Virtual Business Address, your mail and packages are securely handled, giving you more time and peace of mind.

Why get a Virtual Address with East County Business Center?

Professional Image: A virtual business address in a reputable area like El Cajon, CA, lends a professional and credible image to a business. It can be more impressive on business cards, websites, and marketing materials compared to a home address.

Privacy and Security: Using a virtual address keeps a business owner’s personal address private, which is especially important for home-based businesses. This separation ensures personal security and maintains a professional boundary.

Cost-Effective Solution: For small businesses, renting a physical office space can be expensive. A virtual address provides the benefits of a physical office location without the high overhead costs.

Convenience of Mail Handling: Virtual mail services at a physical location offer secure handling, sorting, and notification of mail and packages. Business owners can save time and stay organized without needing to manage mail personally.

Flexibility and Accessibility: A virtual address in El Cajon provides a fixed location for business correspondence, regardless of where the business owner is physically located. This flexibility is ideal for those who travel frequently or work remotely.

Meeting Space Availability: The location offers meeting, conference rooms and small private office rentals. This can be a valuable resource for client meetings or team gatherings, providing a professional setting when needed.

These benefits greatly enhance the operational efficiency and professional image of small businesses.

Advantages of Having a Virtual Mailbox

Having a virtual mailbox where your mail is packaged and forwarded to you of scanned and emailed to you offers several advantages, especially for those working from home and seeking to avoid the inconveniences of traditional PO boxes or physical mailboxes:

  • Time and Cost Efficiency: By having your mail scanned and sent to you electronically, you save the time and expense of traveling to check a PO box or physical mailbox, particularly on days when there might be no mail.
  • Privacy Protection: Utilizing a virtual mailbox service ensures that you do not have to disclose your home address for business correspondence. This is crucial for maintaining privacy and separating your personal and professional lives.
  • Package Security: With a virtual mailbox, you don’t have to worry about packages being left unattended at your doorstep when you’re not home. This reduces the risk of theft or damage, ensuring your deliveries are securely held until you’re ready to receive them.
  • Convenience for Travelers: If you travel frequently, a virtual mailbox ensures that you won’t miss important mail or packages. You can access your mail from anywhere in the world, providing peace of mind and continuity in your communications.
  • Immediate Access and Organization: Receiving scanned copies of your mail allows for immediate access to important documents. It also facilitates better organization, as you can store, categorize, and retrieve digital copies more efficiently than physical mail.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Opting for digital mail reduces the need for physical storage and paper clutter, aligning with eco-friendly practices. It also minimizes the carbon footprint associated with traveling to and from a physical mailbox location.

Overall, a virtual mailbox service offers significant advantages in terms of convenience, security, and efficiency, making it an ideal solution for home-based professionals and frequent travelers. In many cases, people throughout the East County of San Diego, including those in Lakeside, Julian, Jamul, La Mesa, Warner Springs, and more. run their mail through The East County Business Center.

How Do I Get a Virtual Business Address?

Get ready to experience the ease and convenience of establishing your online Virtual Business Address at the East County Business Center! In just a few minutes, you can have everything up and running smoothly. The process is not only quick but also completely hassle-free.

Monthly Virtual Business Address Fees

Fees Mail Handling  Fee
Virtual Business Address Mail Received $25.00 monthly
Mail Scanning Fee Per Page $  0.50 each
Mail Forwarding Fee Fee plus Postage $  5.00 + postage
  • All mail is shredded one week after opening unless you have scheduled it to be forwarded to you.

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