Phone and WiFi Set-Up


Biz Center Phone System

The business communication system at the Biz Centers is state of the art! Our system offers virtually every feature available from any other carrier. Following are the instructions for using some of the features of the system. If you need further assistance or have questions, please Email: .   Thanks!


Here is how to set Voice-Mail and Extension Settings

Both the user name and the password are always numeric (no characters or punctuation).
Your username is simply your extension number.
Your default password is simply your extension number then “1234”. You can change this at any time, just follow the prompts.


When you are sitting at your desk there are a couple of ways to check your Voicemail. 

Press the button under the “message” light if it is on.  Your password is “1234” until you change it. (See below for instructions on changing your password).
Press *97 to check your personal voice-mail from your phone. Your password is “1234” until you change it.
Press *98 to check your voice mail from some other phone on the BizPhone system. In the building or outside. It will ask your extention and then your username.

Setting up your Voice-Mail

Access>>Press *97 (*98 if not you are not at your own extension) from the handset, then “0” and listen for the prompts:

  1. Unavailable Message (this is where you record your regular voice mail message used when you do not answer)
  2. Busy Message (used when you are on the phone)
  3. Name (used for dial-by-name-directory and playback to callers (“Jane Smith is unavailable”)
  4. Temporary Message (will override number one; use when on vacation or out of the office).
  5. Change Voice-Mail Password

External Voice-Mail System

Yes, you can get to your voice mail at any time! It’s easy!
To dial in for voice-mail from outside the phone system, dial 619-401-4099

  1. Enter your extension number
  2. Enter your password
  3. Follow the instructions to check your voice-mail.
  4. Press 0 for more mailbox options including changing you voice mail message.

Web Access to your voice mail!

To check your voice-mail on the web, go to:

Username: ecbc      Password:  voice

This brings you to the voice-mail log-in page:

Put in your extension number and password to log-in to your voice-mail website.
Your log-in credentials for the Voice-mail and Recordings website are the same as your dial-in voice-mail:

By logging in to the website you gain access to control other features as well including:

  • Voice-mails via email (set-up email address).
  • Set up Mobile phone number
  • FindMe/FollowMe (Optional)
  • Call Logs

If you have any other questions:

Contact Us at the front desk

Call (619) 401-4000