Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ’s


1. What are dimensions for the name plate slots on the doors?

The door signs are 2″ X 10″. (We often use El Cajon Print/Class A Trophies on Broadway in El Cajon) You can order your sign directly from them or we can order it and add it to your bill.

2. When I start my part-time next office next month, what will my phone number be? (I'm assuming it's 619-401-4000, but I might be wrong.)

We will issue you a number from our bank of phone numbers. You can then forward your current number or just use the number we issue you. Most of our clients like to transition over by forwarding their existing number for a while until their clients get use to using the new number.  There are lots of options with the phone system. Email us or ask the receptionist in you have questions.

3. As for getting started with the office, do I need to stop by and sign another contract?

We will draft a new contract for you tomorrow and email it over to you for review/signature. 


4. Does it take a few days to get me set up in your system (e.g., the scheduling system) or can I start using available rooms the same day - if needed?

You can start using the offices same day, we will have you in the system in a matter of hours (or less)

5. Will I have a separate suite number?

Yes, you will have a suite number. We have found that Google My Business and other platforms now prefer a separate suite number for “verification” purposes.

More questions? Email us, call or stop by!