St. Clair Art Gallery

Our gallery brings hundreds of prospective clients and customers to the building each month! In addition to a fun way to view and purchase art, the gallery has proven to be an awesome venue of business referral opportunities.

We have a wide variety of local and international artist requesting to show in our gallery. The reason the artist are so interested in showing at our gallery is due to our unique marketing and promotional programs. The programs have proven to be successful for the artists and our tenants & clients. One of these programs is our art receptions, an event held every 45 days.

Here’s how the art reception program works:

The artist submit their work to our selection committee. The committee is currently chaired by Howard Bagley a well know photographer who has also served as the President of both the Oceanside and Carlsbad art associations. After completing the selection process, artist are allowed to display a limited number of pieces in the gallery for a 45 day show period. Each artist pays a fee to participate in the show. In the middle of the show time frame we have a large art show/reception where hundreds attend.

The reception has continued to grow in popularity and prestige and is now a well know event in the community.

For our tenants and clients, the receptions are an excellent opportunity for business owners to meet prospective customers. Many use the event to invite their clientele to a unique and fun open house!

This creative marketing concept generates literally hundreds of qualified people attending the receptions. The gallery opens doors to excellent referral opportunities.

But we don’t leave this to chance! We make it a point to introduce our tenants and clients to the artists. These introductions create multiple referral opportunities. During the show time and epically at the reception, tenants and clients are introduced to the customers of the artists. In reciprocal fashion, tenants are able to show their clients the art during the entire show period. The possibilities are endless!

The art brings prospects and customers to the building every day! In addition, the reception, held every 45 days (typically a Sunday afternoon) brings hundreds to a unique and growing event.

We publicize our shows and receptions in a variety of ways which bring hundreds of prospective customers and clients to the events. Our tenants and clients use this opportunity to make initial introductions of their businesses to prospects and to become more familiar with other tenants and clients which help to develop more referral opportunities.

Here are some of the ways we publicize our events:
  • Direct invitations by the artists to their customer and acquaintance databases.
  • Press releases and articles in local publications.
  • Direct Email to local merchants and the Center City Development
  • Corporations database.
  • Direct Email through the Chamber of Commerce database.
  • Distribution of fliers to local restaurants and other contact points.

During the week the gallery is viewed by the many clients who are meeting with tenants in the building. Visit us soon! See how the gallery can benefit your business and what a unique touch the gallery adds to our building environment.

Due to the incredible success we have created a separate web site for the gallery. Please visit us at St. Clair Gallery.

Visit some of our artist’s web sites. To preview art before you buy, call (619) 401-4000 for a private showing.

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