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Welcome New Tenants!

Please help us welcome Tim Ralph and his company Road Time RV!

As the company name implies, Tim and his associates are in the RV businesses. Tim’s business model however is like no other RV dealer or broker. Road Time RV does not have a showroom, they don’t need one. Road Time RV is not limited to one or two or three manufactures, they deal in just about all of them! As a matter of fact, he has turned the industry upside down. Tim plays on an entirely different field at an entirely different level. Not surprising, his business model saves customers enormous amounts of cash plus time and effort, yet Road Time RV still helps his dealer associates and affiliates open revenue streams they had not previously been able to tap.

Tim and Road Time RV has become one of the hottest RV brokers in the US! So, how does it work? Fist, he is not the new kid on the block. He has been in the business for thirty years and he knows just about everyone in the industry. Tim’s database of contacts and relationships gives him tremendous time and financial leverage to bring sellers and buyers together.

Road Time RV made the choice of keeping their overhead low and their presence high by opening his office at the East County Business Center in El Cajon, CA. where he and his small staff share a large open floor plan office. The building works great says Tim because they have spaces available for part time people to come in and use an office whenever they need to. So, if one of us needs a private conversation or meeting, we simply slip into one of the part time spaces! Low overhead with maximum flexibility, it couldn’t get much better!

Tim’s associates are also seasoned veterans. Their primary expertise is listing to their clientele and meeting they’re needs.

So, how does Road Time RV work? First, Tim and his associates find people that want to sell their motor home or RV.  Then they do their magic of tapping their data base to put the deals together. Many homes that Tim and Road Time RV  deal in have price tags of way north of 100K! Many are over two and three hundred thousand dollars! Dealing in this price range keeps Tim at the top of a very short list of brokers capable of locating these types of vehicles. Now, that’s not to say that Tim won’t help people interested in selling their old Class A or Class C cab-over, he has markets and resources for just about any deal and any situation. To learn more about Road Time RV simply call the office at 619 401 4000!