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We had the opportunity to interview with Jack on the air a couple of weeks ago, and we were able to talk about managing your cash flow through the use of our programs at East County Biz Center. We also spoke about our new Strategic Alliance Seminar Series, which helps local business owners leverage the power of a seminar for their business through our unique program that helps keep your costs low. Both the programs at the East County Biz center, and the Seminar Series can provide significant savings for local business owners looking to grow their business.

Have a listen to this podcast by clicking on the link directly below:

Radio Interview with Lee Mench, Owner of East County Biz Center

Your Host, Jack Warren. Jack is former small business owner in the photo industry. A pioneer of the internet he launched one of the first photography websites in 1993 and incorporated it into an award winning Internet Radio show sponsored by Shutterbug Magazine in 2001. A Talkers Magazine Frontier Fifty Award winner in 2009. One of the first in Internet Radio to do so. He has worked with and developed many other radio shows, including:

  • Shutterbug Magazine Radio
  • Entrepreneur Magazine Radio
  • EBay Radio
  • The Franchise Radio show
  • Biz Op Radio
  • Family Wealth Radio

San Diego’s Finest Business Radio and too many business shows to count. Learn about cash alternatives that can help your business managing it’s cash flow and cash reserves. Brought to you by ITEX Barter.





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