Meet Lessley Jackson, Doozer Title Workz

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Introducing Lessley Jackson of Doozers Title Workz

Your Hassle-Free Vehicle Registration Solution

El Cajon, CA:

Navigating the complexities of vehicle registration and title transfers can often be a daunting task, with the average person spending hours at the DMV, often leaving without accomplishing their goals. There’s good news for those looking to bypass these frustrations – Lessley Jackson and her company, Doozers Title Workz, are here to streamline the process.

Expertise in Vehicle Registration and Title Services

Lessley Jackson, with over 20 years of experience in the automotive business, has recently set up her office at 270 East Douglas Ave, offering specialized services in vehicle registration and title transfers. Her comprehensive knowledge of the DMV system ensures that clients can avoid common pitfalls like missing transfer documents, or complex situations like transferring out-of-state titles.  She brings her passion for vehicle registration to every transaction.

Dedicated to Simplifying Your DMV Experience

Doozers Title Workz, under Lessley’s expert guidance, addresses various scenarios, whether it’s transferring a title from a gifted vehicle, dealing with inheritances, or just the usual registration hassles. The company prides itself on its dedicated customer service, including Title Specialists, to answer all your questions and provide personalized solutions.

Why Choose Doozers Title Workz?

  • Save Time: Forget the 1.5-hour average wait at the DMV or the 21-day delay for a faster line. Lessley Jackson offers quick, efficient service.
  • Avoid Incomplete Registrations: With 33% of people leaving the DMV without completing their registration, Doozers Title Workz ensures that doesn’t happen to you.

Specialized Services for Auto Dealers

Apart from assisting individuals, Lessley also lends her expertise to new and existing auto dealers both in-state and out-of-state, helping them with their registration issues. She’s collaborating with East County Business Center owner, Lee Mench, to develop a course aimed at aiding new car dealers in passing their DMV dealership licensing exams and setting up their dealerships, covering all aspects from business structure to insurance.

Personal Success Story: Lessley’s expertise shines in challenging situations, like registering vehicles without complete paperwork or assisting our military community with title transfers across the nation. Her ability to navigate the system and deliver results, like getting new plates efficiently, is a testament to her proficiency and passion for her trade

Contact Information

For any vehicle registration issues or inquiries about dealer services and DMV licensing courses, reach out to Lessley Jackson at Doozers Title Workz. Contact her at 619-457-7943 or via email at