Who’s news at East County Business Center! Meet John San Filippo!

When John San Filippo left his position last October as a marketing director for a $1.5B technology company to open his own marketing consultancy, he decided to give the home office approach a try. After all, it was cheap, it was convenient, and his “office” was already set up.

Six months later, John had had enough of barking dogs, roaring lawnmowers, door-bell-ringing delivery drivers, and especially the lack of human interaction. That led him on a search for affordable office space in El Cajon, where he has lived with his wife for more than 30 years. Driving around the downtown area, he soon discovered East County Biz Center.

“I’m kind of a technology nerd,” said John, “so I liked the fact that their sign listed a website. It gave me an opportunity to see what East County Biz Center is all about before I ever made contact.”
Clearly, he liked what he saw. Upon contacting the center, he discovered that it offered everything he was looking for, namely:
An ideal, central location.JOhn San Filippo
An affordable price.
24-hour building access.
Great business services.
A dynamic environment with diverse tenants.

“It really seems like a match made in heaven,” added John. “I can’t think of anything that would make my office better.”
John provides full-service marketing support to technology companies that sell products and services to U.S. community banks and credit unions. He’s been in this niche industry for about 30 years, and has clients across the country. You can visit his website at www.johnsanfilippo.com.

He also writes a blog called Johnny’s Marketing Soapbox in which he discusses various topics related to financial technology marketing. His blog is located at www.johnnysmsb.com.
Finally, John is in the process of private-labeling and launching a popular marketing automation platform to offer to his current clients, as well as other companies in the financial technology space. He’s branded this platform as Squoozle, with the tag line Funny Word | Serious Marketing.

Companies will be able to use Squoozle to run very sophisticated marketing campaigns through both digital and traditional channels. Once he has Squoozle up and running for financial technology companies, John anticipates being able to offer the service to any other organizations in need of marketing campaign support, e.g., local businesses.
You can learn more about Squoozle at www.squoozle.com.


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